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Foreclosure Law

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Consistent with our real estate and securitization groups, Waits, Brownlee & Hoop is proud to offer full service Foreclosure representation to clients. Foreclosure involves the sale of real property to satisfy an unpaid debt and you can trust Waits, Brownlee & Hoop to navigate your mortgage through the foreclosure process. Waits, Brownlee & Hoop has experience handling judicial and non-judicial foreclosures on behalf of clients and whether you have a single foreclosure or you need assistance with multiple properties, Waits, Brownlee & Hoop has the knowledge to handle all aspects of the foreclosure process and the ability to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Waits, Brownlee & Hoop can meet your needs for any size project with the ability to utilize technology and an experienced professional staff to handle all aspects of this detail focused practice. Any foreclosure requires adherence to strict deadlines and specific notices that must be sent to certain persons. A failure at any of these steps can delay or diminish the value of the pledge of property for payment of your debt. When the process is complete, we can handle all recording requirements to insure a clean title for subsequent purchasers which maximize the value of your collateral.

Contact a Waits, Brownlee & Hoop foreclosure attorney today for more information on how we can work with you on your foreclosure and pre-foreclosure needs.

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