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Secured Transaction

Managing risks to avoid costly fights

Getting paid.

At the end of the day your business depends on getting paid from your customers. Waits & Brownlee can help you and your business employ strategies to insure your invoices are paid in full. Don’t let a customer default or bankruptcy negatively impact your bottom line. Talk to a Waits & Brownlee secured transaction professional today about tools to secure payment of your invoices for sales on account or delayed payment.

Waits & Brownlee attorneys know how to use a collection of tools to use collateral to reduce your risk of non-payment. In this case an “ounce of prevention” truly is worth more than a “pound of cure.” Our attorneys can draft Security Agreements tailored to your specific needs. We can handle all aspects of making sure you have the protection you want when you need it. Understanding up front how to protect your income stream from your products or materials can be the difference between success or spending valuable time and resources attempting to collect an unsecured bill.


  • Waits & Brownlee handles UCC filings for millions of dollars of inventory from a number of industries
  • Waits & Brownlee has assisted clients in protecting their interests after non-payment by customers
  • Waits & Brownlee has assisted in setting up special finance arrangements for clients

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