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Commercial Premises Liability Defense

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The Premises Liability practice group at Waits & Brownlee has represented residential and commercial landowners facing claims for injuries that have occurred on their property. We can successfully represent you against claims by aggressively investigating the facts and a thorough application of law to the case. We have defended property owners from claims arising from slip and falls, snow and ice and allegations of defective conditions.

When a customer, tenant or stranger claims an injury as a result of your business or home, the careful, timely and complete assembly of all the facts is important. Establishing clearly what happened, the conditions and the actions of the injured party are critical to evaluating risk and potential liability. You can count on the experienced litigators of Waits & Brownlee to identify the important facts and secure that information as soon as possible. Whether a lawsuit or a claim, our attorney’s will aggressively defend you throughout the process to achieve the best result possible.

Every client that owns real estate wants to avoid finding themselves in litigation related to their property.  However, our clients that do find themselves in the midst of a dispute can confidently rely on our litigation experts.  The litigation attorneys in our Premises Liability group have successfully defended and prosecuted multiple law suits related to personal injuries on real property. Our attorneys’ litigation skills and passion for winning allows our clients to achieve extraordinary results.



The Premises Liability practice group attorneys are experts in defending property owners against claims for personal injuries and will aggressively and passionately protect our clients’ rights and interests in any litigation involving injuries related to property.

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