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Corporate Litigation

Bringing Clarity to Complex Issues

The Corporate Litigation Practice group is experienced, aggressive, practical and proven to be successful.  Our corporate clients rely on Waits & Brownlee to protect their ability to continue to run a profitable business.  Our litigation philosophy is to be better prepared and the most skilled legal team in the fight.  We never forget that our clients want to focus on their business not on litigation.  We routinely work with local counsel from all across the country and the globe in a cost effective and highly successful manner.  We are expert litigators so our team approach with local counsel benefits our client and we are able to be effective in every jurisdiction.

Our team represent clients in a broad spectrum of commercial disputes including:

  • product liability defense
  • business torts
  • corporate governance suits
  • trademark and copyright infringement
  • covenant not to compete litigation
  • collection of unpaid debts
  • breach of warranty
  • lemon law claims
  • motor vehicle dealer termination
  • employment discrimination
  • housing discrimination
  • intellectual property litigation
  • software licensing and warranty claims
  • complex litigation
  • unfair competition & false advertising
  • breach of contract
  • theft of trade secrets
  • hazardous materials litigation
  • business defamation/disparagement
  • premises liability defense
  • security interest priority contests
  • guarantor liability
  • damage to real or personal property
  • enforcement of confidentiality
  • asbestos litigation
  • construction litigation

Representative Engagements:

  • Prosecuting a suit against a foreign company for breach of contract in the US.
  • Defending vehicle manufacturers in product liability cases in state and federal courts in Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.
  • Prosecuting a federal trade dress infringement, unfair competition and trade secret case against a competitor who introduced a copycat product.
  • Prosecuting a breach of contract suit in state court in Texas against a testing company related to a new alternative energy technology.
  • Defending and prosecuting claims between manufacturers, suppliers and customers for breach contract, warranty claims, defective products, defective software claims and lemon law claims.
  • Bringing suit in federal court in Michigan against a supplier and obtaining a seven figure recovery.
  • Motor vehicle dealer termination litigation in California, Colorado, Virginia and Texas.
  • Prosecuting to verdict a counterfeit trademark and copyright infringement case against a business customer in Federal court in Missouri.
  • Defending a company and its employees in a non-compete & trade secret suit.
  • Defending and prosecuting employment discrimination cases in state and federal courts.

Group Members

Timothy R. Brownlee