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Courtney McKenna joined Waits & Brownlee in 2019.

Ms. McKenna has experience in contract drafting and review, trademark law, business formation, not-for-profit formation and tax exemption, and personal injury work. 

Ms. McKenna enjoys spending time with her family, long distance running, reading, and traveling. 

Her practice areas include:


Courtney has experience drafting and analyzing contracts in a variety of different substantive areas. Her skills include:

  • Drafting clear and comprehensive contracts, identifying and addressing potential issues and ensuring that the contract accurately reflects the client’s intentions and protects the client’s interests.
  • Reviewing and analyzing existing contracts or proposed agreements, identifying potential risks and implications of the terms and providing legal opinions on those risks and implications.
  • Representative contracts include independent contractor agreements, vehicle dealer agreements, commercial purchasing agreements, intellectual property transfer agreements, and publishing agreements.
Intellectual Property

Courtney’s knowledge of trademark law has enabled numerous clients to successfully register trademarks, maintain those registrations, and ensure that those trademarks are protected. Her skills include:

  • Trademark Clearance: Conducting comprehensive trademark searches to determine the availability of a proposed trademark and identify any potentially conflicts trademarks.
  • Trademark Registration: Preparing and filing trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and working with trademark counsel abroad to file applications in foreign jurisdictions. This also includes responding to rejected trademark applications and persuading the United States Patent and Trademark Office to allow the registration of a mark.
  • Trademark Portfolio Management: Managing a client’s trademark portfolio, including monitoring deadlines for renewals and maintenance filings.
  • Trademark Enforcement: Advising clients on their rights, infringement issues, and potential courses of action to protect their trademarks.
  • Trademark Litigation: Handling trademark disputes before administrative tribunals.
  • Trademark Transfers: Drafting trademark assignments and licensing agreements.

Representative Clients and Engagements:

  • Registering and maintaining scores of trademarks for a variety of businesses.
  • Defended a trademark opposition filed by a large apparel company to dismissal. 
  • Cancelled numerous marks blocking trademark applications from registration.
  • Overcame numerous trademark application refusals.

Courtney McKenna



Bar Admission

Licensed to practice in the following courts:

  • Kansas
  • Missouri


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Kansas State University, 2015 
  • Juris Doctor, University of Kansas, 2019